About us Liban Cables offers a wide range of domestic, energy, telephone, flexible, oil & gas and special/industrial cables. Liban Cables is one of the leading cables' manufacturers in Lebanon and the middle east due to the four principles that it follows: Expertise, Performance, Global Presence and Partnership.


Liban Cables HQ

Sanayeh, Justinien Street, Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bldg. 10th floor.

11 - 6008 Beirut, Lebanon


E-mail: liban.cables@nexans.com


Liban Cables Plant

Byblos, Nahr Ibrahim


E-mail: liban.cables@nexans.com

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Liban Cables Customer Service
Phone +9611350040
Fax +9611350042

About Liban Cables

Having more than 45 years of experience, Liban Cables provides complete expertise in cables and cabling systems, starting with systems' original conception and design of products as well as solutions up to manufacturing a complete range of high quality cables. Liban Cables facilities operate under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 High Standards. Vision: Providing our clients with the best possible services and products since their satisfaction is our utmost priority. Mission: Quality, Reliability and Innovation are the bases of our strategy. CSR: Our Corporate Social Responsibility , Standards and Values are the key Factors that makes us committed to eliminate all risks affecting environment as well as our employees safety. For more information about our cable solutions please visit: