Success stories

At the core of information: enriching local area networks

Success story 4Nexans supplied 351 km of LAN cabling for Korea’s Incheon International Airport which included LANsense for network management, and backbones to handle security functions and IP telephony/video. Nexans installed a similar LAN at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Success story 2Interxion, the pan-European leader in data center solutions is operating the first Nexans-approved hosting center in France. Meanwhile, AZ Sint-Jan AV hospital in Bruges (Belgium) and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center are both Nexans supplied.

Success story 3Erikson Retirement Corp. runs a dozen retirement communities across the US. Its data center near Baltimore is the central repository for personal information, medical records and resident business information, in addition to providing entertainment and management resources.

Success story 1Food Lion, a grocery store chain serving the eastern US (1,300 supermarkets) and Sligro Food Group in the Netherlands (250 locations) both use Nexans LANs for financial operations, billing, communications, stock control, and delivery, etc.