Nurture social dialogue and diversity

Through its adherence to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, Nexans demonstrates its vast support for freedom of association and collective bargaining as universal fundamental rights. Nexans employees agree to uphold local legislation at all times in every country where the Group operates and to develop internal the best labor standards for its employees.

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The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct remains the Group’s shared set of standards that applies to all its employees around the world.

This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is derived from the UN Global Compact Ten Principles, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international labor standards, especially those concerning forced labor and child labor.  Social dialogue is handled at country level by country managers and HR managers who work with employee representative bodies and labor unions.

At the transnational level, the Nexans European Works Council (NEWCO) is responsible for most of Europe. Social dialogue is also fully integrated into in the Group’s social reporting system.

Social dialogue and diversity

Social dialogue and listening to employees are a central focus in the Group’s transformation plan. These priorities are reflected in the ambitious program to promote new forms of social dialogue with Group employees (employee forums, internal work groups, dealing with social irritants through site action plans, etc.) that continues being rolled out in Europe.

It also strengthens the Group’s corporate culture, which is based on the principles of collective free expression and mutual respect to maintain lasting, constructive collective labor relations with all employees and their representatives.
This commitment is relayed on a daily basis by local management with the employment representative bodies at Nexans’ various entities, as well as at Group level through the European Works Council (NEWCO).

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Collective agreements

Social dialogue

In 2017, the Group’s subsidiaries entered into over 50 agreements with employee representative bodies in 12 countries in all regions of the world. The main agreements signed during the year concerned the following topics:

- compensation and benefits 

- organizational issues;

- working conditions;

- health and safety.

A European body focusing on social dialogue

Set up on July 16, 2003, the Nexans European Works Committee (NEWCO) is dedicated to sharing information, exchanging views and opinions, and discussing labor issues at European level. It serves as a veritable cross-border body, with a role that is separate from but complementary to that of the nationalrepresentative bodies and it has its own specific prerogatives. Ordinary plenary meetings are held twice a year and it is informed, and if necessary consulted, on cross-border issues that have an impact on Group employees. NEWCO has a committee comprising four members (elected by their peers) which meets at least twice a year to prepare and review issues to be raised at the plenary meetings, as well as to discuss and share information with Group Management.
In 2017, NEWCO’s employee representatives closely monitored the preparation of the Group’s new five-year strategic plan for 2018-2022.

Diversity and equal treatment

Promoting diversity is a core Group commitment to its teams and professional environment.

The Group has set a target of 25% female managers by 2022 (22.9% in 2017). With over 24 nationalities represented at the registered office, of which eight nationalities on the Management Council (36% of members are not French citizens), the Group’s governance structure is rich in cultural diversity.
The Group places great importance on eliminating all forms of discrimination in terms of employment and professional activities (gender, age, race, political affiliation, religion, etc.) and pays special attention to professional equality, gender equality, the employment of seniors and young people, the employment of people with disabilities and access to training. These principles are stated in the Group’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and its Human Resources policy, and are in line with the United Nations Global Compact, which Nexans
joined in 2008.

The Group’s subsidiaries respect the applicable local legislation on the employment of people with disabilities and the Nexans Code of Ethics and Business Conduct specifically prohibits all forms of discrimination based on health or disability.

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