Reducing our impact on the climate

As our operations are low-carbon intensity, we are not subject to European carbon emissions quotas. However, committed to protecting the climate, we have chosen to measure our emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) annually on a worldwide basis:

  • emissions related to the use of fossil fuels and fugitive GHG emissions (scope 1)
  • indirect emissions related to the purchase of electricity and steam (scope 2)
  • emissions arising from waste management (partial scope 3)

We are working to expand our coverage of scope 3 to cover significant sources of emissions such as purchasing and transporting raw materials and transporting products.


The Group’s target is to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions 5% by 2022.

The Group brings concrete responses that span every phase of its business activities to reduce the carbon impact of products throughout their life cycle.
Its approach to low-carbon production includes measures that aim to:

  • improve energy efficiency;
  • optimize resources;
  • use recycled materials;
  • reduce waste.

As well as managing energy consumption , our main source of direct GHG emissions, we also monitor harmful emissions including CFC and HCFC emissions from air conditioning systems and a R22 replacement program is under way. The use of SF6 is strictly reserved for the laboratories for testing high voltage cables.

Empowering greener travel

To reduce emissions generated by employee travel, we have rolled out a dedicated policy and remote communication tools are available at most sites to limit unnecessary travel e.g. videoconferencing and teleconferencing.


Locally, we have deployed a range of initiatives to encourage employees to commute using greener forms of transport.  For example, in France, Nexans provides energy-efficient service vehicles on lease and training in environmentally-friendly driving techniques.


Our registered office provides electric cars and electric bicycles for employees. Employees are also partially reimbursed for public transport passes and benefit from a program encouraging them to work remotely.



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