Recycling solutions: your cable waste has never been more valuable!

You don’t know what to do with your cable waste? You don’t want to worry about related legal obligations and constraints? We have a solution for you, that will also bring you a financial benefit.

Nexans recycling services

Nexans, a trustworhty partner

Nexans customized recycling solutions: We are not only cable experts, but also recycling experts. By choosing Nexans recycling services you can receive money back in exchange for your leftover cables, while positively contributing to the environment. Moreover, Nexans recycling solutions mean:

  • State-of-the-art grinding technology for copper and aluminum cables
  • Turnkey logistics solutions
  • Accountability and traceability for all operations.

Your benefits

  • Your cable waste is a source of revenue: we buy all types of leftover cables, made of copper or aluminum.
  • Your life is made easier: we take care of everything, from cable scrap recovery to recycling.
  • You do not need to worry about compliance: we recycle in strict respect of regulation and legislation.
  • You contribute to circular economy: your cable waste is turned into recycled raw materials.

How does it work ?



When Nexans buys your cable waste, a recycling and pickup agreement is signed between both parties. Full traceability and transparency is ensured before, during and after the recycling process.



We organize all the logistics by providing empty containers for bulk cable waste or trucks for drums, and transportation to the recycling facility.



Once the process to separate and recover the non-ferrous metals from the cable waste is over, your cable scrap value is credited to your bank account

Did you know ?

When the waste is transferred from the original producer […] to one of the natural or legal persons […] for preliminary treatment, the responsibility for carrying out a complete recovery or disposal operation shall not be discharged as a general rule.” (EU directive on waste: DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC of 19/11/2008). 


What does it mean? To give an example, you are a waste producer when you install cable in a building and there are leftovers. Then, even if you sell your cable leftovers to a waste treatment company or scrap dealer, your responsibility is still engaged until you can prove the recycling or disposal of your waste.

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