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nexans code of ethics and business conduct


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Compliance with rules on ethics is one of Nexans’ underlying commitments in conducting business. Nexans’ Code of Ethics and Business Conduct establishes the ethical rules and values with which Group employees and business partners must comply within the course of their professional duties. These rules cover competition law, fraud prevention, corruption and conflicts of interest, compliance with applicable regulations on embargoes, money laundering, personal data protection, and more.


Any violation or suspected violation of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct can be reported through Nexans’ whistleblowing system. This system is available to anyone – employees, customers, suppliers or any third party alike.


What should you report?

Suspected violations involving: corruption, anti-competitive practices, conflicts of interest, accounting irregularities, banking irregularities, fraud, human rights, child labor, harassment, bullying, discrimination, occupational health, hygiene and safety, environmental laws and regulations, duty of care, freedom of association, collective bargaining, privacy, or intellectual property.

Who can submit a report?

Anyone: employees, customers, suppliers or any third party. You can report incidents and suspicions whether you have first-hand knowledge of the situation or have been made aware of it.

How do I submit a report?

Nexans’ online alert system is available at SpeakUp

The Group’s Ethics Correspondent processes each report with the highest degree of confidentiality and guarantees that any personal data collected, communicated or stored in this context will be handled responsibly. A report can be submitted anonymously, in which case you should make sure that you provide enough information for it to be investigated effectively. Employees can also report incidents internally, via their line manager or the human resources staff. All whistleblowers are protected against any form of retaliation

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