Optimize resource efficiency and limit chemical substances

The use of chemical substances is managed by the Technology and Innovation Department, which works with a network of local, regularly trained representatives.

R&D working on chemical substances

Managing and reducing the use of chemical substances is vital in limiting the environmental impact of our products. Our Technology and Innovation Department therefore works with a network of local representatives to implement a comprehensive policy.

All our products comply with relevant legislation relating to chemical substances and, in particular, REACh regulations and the RoHS Directive. 

REACh regulations

Nexans actively supports REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals), an EU regulation that sets guidelines for producing and using chemical substances to protect our health and the environment, by:

  1. Anticipating

Identify chemicals being assessed at a European level, participate in European consultations and release regular internal roadmaps on the substances we use.

  1. Innovating

Initiate research programs to find innovative solutions to replace substances that could be subject to restriction or authorization under REACh regulations.

  1. Communicating

Develop a dialogue with our suppliers to monitor the composition of the raw materials we use.


Substance tracking

We have a developed the REACH Supplier tool to identify the composition of raw material and track the use of hazardous substances. All raw materials are registered in this tool including those used in production processes.

Enabling informed, ecological choices

Launched in 2015, this online tool provides customers with easy access to information on any dangerous substance on the REACh authorization list that could be present in our products. This information is updated in real time in line with EU regulations to keep customers up to date.

NEXANS TRACKER: all about regulatory information related to products

RoHS Directive

The other major piece of legislation on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment is the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances – Directive 2011/65/EC). An extremely small number of Nexans products fall within the scope of application of this European directive and all these products meet directive standards.

Environmental disclosures

In addition to its legal obligations to disclose information about dangerous substances covered by REACh regulations, Nexans also provides other environmental information on its products in the ECO Material Declaration and Product Environmental Profile (PEP).
ECO Material Declaration is an environmental communication format developed by Europacable, the trade association for Europe’s leading cable manufacturers. The ECO Material Declaration is used to provide customers with information on the general composition of cables, their compliance with REACh regulations or the RoHS Directive and other environmental aspects (product-related emissions, end-of-life, packaging).

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