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Nexans drums

In the face of growing social and environmental challenges, Nexans firmly believes that moving towards a circular economy will enable us to redefine growth and focus on positive society-wide benefits by:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use

At Nexans, we are transforming this concept into a reality through an array of dedicated recycling programs.

Recycling Services

To make it easier to dispose of their copper and aluminum cables, we’ve launched Nexans Recycling Services that give customers monetary compensation for their cable waste based on a transparent valorization process.
Nexans Recycling Services offer turnkey logistics solutions to collect leftover and end-of-life cables and transfer them to our recycling facilities, which include empty containers for bulk cable waste and trucks for cable drums.

“ With the launch of Nexans Recycling Services, we are happy to bring over 30 years of experience in recycling cable waste to the service of our customers. ”

Guy Burlet

Director of Nexans Recycling Services.
Nexans recycling services
Nexans Recycling Solutions

Nexans recycling solutions mean:

  • State-of-the-art grinding technology for copper and aluminum cables
  • Turnkey logistics solutions
  • Accountability and traceability for all operations

Reusing Drums

As part of the Packaging Purchasing Green Initiative launched in 2010, we have rolled out a new program to collect and reuse wooden cable drums. We are the world’s first cable manufacturer to upgrade to drums holding the PEFC™ certification (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes), and our Green Drums now hold both PEFC (for Europe) and FSC (Worldwide) certifications.

Driving the energy transition

As a global player in cables and cabling systems, Nexans draws on its expertise and innovation capacity to advance towards the energy transition. Climate change is a key issue for Nexans, which brings concrete responses that span every phase of its business activities to reduce the carbon impact of products throughout their life cycle.

Signing the French Business Climate Pledge in December 2017, with 90 other French organizations, we actively contribute the energy transition and promote greener, less carbon-intensive alternatives.

This commitment translates into concrete local and global energy initiatives.

Developing zero-carbon electricity

As a partner to large-scale projects, the Group secures the operation of wind turbines with cables that can resist twisting and the most severe weather conditions. Nexans optimizes the life and yield of photovoltaic installations, and collects and channels the electricity generated with minimum loss. As world leader in submarine applications, Nexans is stepping up its research and development efforts in hydraulic energy.

As a partner to large-scale projects, we secure the operation of wind turbines across the world e.g.

  • WINDLINK®, complete and customized cable solution for wine turbines
  • New generation of 66 kv subsea cables and connection accessories


Nexans optimizes the life and yield of photovoltaic installations to collect and channel the electricity generated with minimum loss e.g.

  • be-FAST cable for 30-50% faster, more precise cabling for PV facilities
  • hybrid power/data cable 90% pliable for solar thermal energy power plants

As world leader in submarine applications, Nexans is also stepping up R&D efforts to develop hydraulic energy.

Adapting electricity transmission and distribution

The Group helps meet growing worldwide demand by facilitating the integration of renewable energy production and electricity exchanges between countries, and by improving grid resilience and energy efficiency through safer solutions for powering cities. Nexans provides solutions to interconnect networks, secure the power supply, develop installed solar and wind capacity and supply energy to islands and offshore facilities.

To help meet growing worldwide demand, we facilitate renewable energy production, develop electricity exchanges between countries, improve grid resilience and drive energy efficiency e.g.

  • coupler using distribution lines to transmit smart meter data enabling the distribution grid operator to use its own network
  • AmpaCity, a superconducting transmission solution for urban centers that transports 5X times more power

Reducing energy consumption and emissions from transport

To reduce the weight of vehicles and therefore their energy consumption, Nexans develops finer, more lightweight cables. The Group contributes to the development of electric mobility with cable solutions that allow the engine in hybrid and electric vehicles to operate. In partnership with the startup G2mobility,  Nexans offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate the rollout
of smart charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Developing finer, lighter cable solutions for engines in hybrid and electric vehicles enables us to enhance electric mobility e.g.

  • facilitate the rollout of smart charging infrastructure for electric cars in partnership with startup G2mobility

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and data centers

Nexans assists in the construction and renovation of sustainable buildings. Its approach combines safety, energy efficiency and a limited environmental footprint.

To support the construction and renovation of sustainable buildings, we combine safety, energy efficiency and low environmental footprint e.g.

  • Nexans ECOCALCULATOR helping professionals choose the most sustainable low voltage cable solution
  • EMAC systems for smart energy consumption and cooling management



Bringing electrical power to more people

By working to provide access to electricity for all, we cater to growing demand in emerging countries while also taking action to protect the climate by reducing deforestation and fossil fuel energy consumption e.g.

  • large-scale electrification programs in emerging countries
  • Nexans Foundation that actively supports access to carbon-free electricity for disadvantaged communities

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