Vision and ambitions

At the core of a sustainable future

In a changing world, our ambition remains unchanged: Bring Energy to Life. There is an ever- greater need for safe, reliable cable solutions in the face of growing electricity demand (+80% by 2040*), which we strive to meet with innovative, sustainable solutions.

But, any strategy to deal with challenges such as population growth and global warming needs to benefit all and not just the few. We need to drive positive change for our employees, our customers, the economy, society as a whole and our planet. This is why we have developed an ambitious CSR approach underpinned by a dedicated governance structure.

CSR policy

Based on stakeholder expectations and business opportunities, we’ve defined a long-term CSR and sustainable profitability strategy. Through an in-depth materiality assessment based on the ISO 26000 requirements, we identified 4 sustainability priorities and 12 ambitions fully aligned and integrated with the group’s strategy. 

Christopher Guérin - Nexans'Chief Executive Officer
“ As a global player in the cable industry, we contribute to improving the quality of life. This is a tremendous incentive for us to commit to sustainable and shared energy. But, all this is only possible thanks to the internal policies we’ve implemented that enable us to act in a responsible and sustainable approach and, in turn, better serve our customers. ”
Christopher Guérin
Nexans'Chief Executive Officer

These also mirror the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and our commitment to the Global Compact, which brings together companies, professional organizations, universities, non-governmental organizations and representatives from the business world and civil society. Signing this agreement in December 2008 further reinforced our desire to respect and implement the 10 fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

CSR Strategy: 4 priorities, 12 ambitions

The four priorities in Nexans’ CSR strategy break down into 12 ambitions that represent the CSR issues where the Group focuses its efforts.

Efforts to achieve the 12 CSR ambitions are overseen by dedicated representatives based on the 2018-2022 roadmap, which is structured into key performance indicators and their targets.

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Nexans CSR strategy


People: bring individual and collective performance to business

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pptx - 295.7 kB

Nexans CSR scorecard



WORKPLACE SAFETY Workplace accident frequency rate 2.70 < 2
HUMAN CAPITAL Management with an individual development plan 77% 100%
  Women in management positions 23.8% 25%
CSR AWARENESS Directors having CSR goals in their performance targets NA 100%


Planet: manage environmental impact

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pptx - 295.7 kB

Nexans CSR scorecard



KPI   BASE 2019 TARGET 2022
ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Industrial sites certified EHP and/or ISO 14001 95% 97%
ENERGY Energy intensity 256MWh/€m -3%
CLIMATE Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions -5.82% -5%


Product: manage in a competitive and innovative sustainable mode

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pptx - 295.7 kB

Nexans CSR scorecard

KPI   BASE 2019 TARGET 2022
ENERGY TRANSITION Activities’ revenues generated from sustainable products and services €618m NC
INNOVATION R&D investments (% of revenues in standard sales)( €98m (2.13%) NC
RESOURCES Total waste recycled 42%



Partners: embedding leadership based on values and ethics

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pptx - 295.7 kB

Nexans CSR scorecard



KPI   BASE 2019 TARGET 2022

Managers having signed the Compliance Certificate

92% 100%


94.0% 94%
  Employee engagement index NA +3%

Amount allocated by the Nexans Foundation

300k€ 300k€


The CSR performance of the Group’s approach is regularly measured and recognized by its stakeholders. 

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