N2XS(FL)2Y 132kV


N2XS(FL)2Y 1*240/50 132kV

Nexans ref. H10N4DP011245 - Country ref. H10N4DP 1*240/50(FL)//ROM

  • Conductor cross-section: 240 mm²
  • Nominal insulation thickness: 18.5 mm
  • Screen section: 50 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 3.4 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 73.0 mm


N2XS(FL)2Y 1*500/120 132kV

Nexans ref. H10N4DP011540 - Country ref. H10N4DP 1*500/120(FL)//POL

  • Conductor cross-section: 500 mm²
  • Nominal insulation thickness: 16.2 mm
  • Screen section: 120 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 4.0 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 80.0 mm


N2XS(FL)2Y 1*500/120 132kV

Nexans ref. H10N4DP011541 - Country ref. H10N4DP 1*500/120(FL)//POL,

  • Conductor cross-section: 500 mm²
  • Nominal insulation thickness: 16.2 mm
  • Screen section: 120 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 4.0 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 80.0 mm





  • International
    IEC 60840

CU/S.C/XLPE/S.C/S.C Swell. tape/Cu wires+OPEN HELIX COPPER TAPE/Swell. tape/Alucopo/PE


Application in ground, outdoors, in tubes, indoors and in cable ducts.


All high voltage cables are manufactured on the basis of specifications and can be adapted to the requirements of the customer. Therefore, all technical information are purely for information purposes and the electrical characteristics are calculated for values which are specified in the data sheets. For your specific requirements and laying arrangements please don't hesitate to contact us.



Stranded copper conductor class 2 according to IEC 60228, semi conducting conductor screen, insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), semi conducting insulation screen, semi conducting swellable tape bedding, copper screen, swellable tape bedding, aluminium tape bonded to PE sheath, marking by inkjet printing on one line over the outer jacket..


Routine Tests / Badania rutynowe:

 -          Max. partial discharge test  at 1.5 Uo acc. to IEC 60840  parag.9.2 / Badanie maksymalnych wyładowań niezupełnych przy 1,5 Uo zgodnie z IEC 60840 pkt 9.2

 -          High voltage test acc. to IEC 60840  parag. 9.3 / Próba wysokim napięciem zgodnie z IEC 60840 pkt 9.3


Liban Cables will carry out these tests on all the lengths and tests certificates will be provided / Firma Liban Cables przeprowadzi te badania dla wszystkich odcinków kabli i dostarczy świadectwa z badań


Sample tests / Badania próbek:

 -          Conductor examination  acc. to IEC 60840 parag. 10.4 / Badanie dyrygenta IEC 60840 pkt 10.4

 -          Max. DC resistance of conductor acc. to IEC 60840 parag. 10.5 / Maks. rezystancja DC żył  i IEC 60840 pkt 10.5

 -          Check of dimensions / Sprawdzenie wymiarów

                        Insulation / Izolacja   :  according to IEC 60840 / zgodnie z IEC 60840          Parag.  10.6.2 / pkt 10.6.2

                        Metallic screen / Ekran metaliczny  :  according to IEC 60840 / zgodnie z IEC 60840    Parag.  10.7  / pkt 10.7

                        Oversheath / Powłoka zewnętrzna : according to IEC 60840 / zgodnie z IEC 60840   Parag.  10.6.3 / pkt 10.6.3

 -          Hot set test for insulation XLPE acc. to IEC 60840 parag. 10.9 /-Badanie stopnia usieciowania izolacji z XLPE zgodnie z IEC 60840 pkt 10.9

 -          Measurement of capacitance acc. to IEC 60840 parag. 10.10 / Pomiar pojemności zgodnie z IEC 60840 pkt 10.10


These tests will be carried out on one length of each size during each inspection / Badania te – podczas każdej kontroli – zostaną przeprowadzone na jednym odcinku dla każdego rozmiaru kabla.

Tests certificates will be provided by Liban Cables / Świadectwa z badań dostarczy firma Liban Cables.




Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Conductor material
Conductor shape
Round compacted
Material of the inner semi-conductor
Semi-conducting compound
Material of the external semi-conductor
Extruded fully bonded
Material used for longitudinal water tightness
Swellable tape
Concentric conductor
Copper wires and helical copper tape
Sheath colour

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Test voltage
190 kV
50 Hz

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical resistance to impacts

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Laying formation
Number of systems
Bending factor when laying
30 (xD)
Laying depth, center of system
1300 mm
Ambient air temperature
30 °C
Ambient ground temperature
20 °C
Max. conductor temperature in service
90 °C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature
250 °C



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