XnRUHKXS armored 6/10 KV


XnRUHKXS armored 3*120/50 6/10kV NEW

Nexans ref. M3N4DRP001201 - Country ref. M3N4DRP 3*120/50(FL)//POL-2R

  • Conductor cross-section: 120 mm²
  • Screen section: 50 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 3.1 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 68.0 mm


XnRUHKXS armored 3*240/50 6/10kV

Nexans ref. M3N4DRP000201 - Country ref. M3N4DRP 3*240/50(FL)//POL-2R

  • Conductor cross-section: 240 mm²
  • Screen section: 50 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 3.6 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 82.0 mm


XnRUHKXS armored 3*70/35 6/10kV

Nexans ref. M3N4DRP 000303 - Country ref. M3N4DRP 3*70/35(FL)//POL-2R

  • Conductor cross-section: 70 mm²
  • Screen section: 35 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 2.9 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 61.0 mm


XnRUHKXS armored 3*95/50 6/10kV

Nexans ref. M3N4DRP 000304 - Country ref. M3N4DRP 3*95/50(FL)//POL-2R

  • Conductor cross-section: 95 mm²
  • Screen section: 50 mm²
  • Nominal outer sheath thickness: 3.0 mm
  • Nominal outer diameter: 65.0 mm





  • International
    IEC 60228; IEC 60332-1-2; IEC 60502-2



Power use outdoor application, even wet.

Suitable for fixed installations at open air, in tube or canals and underground.

Max. Operation temperature: 90°

Max. Short circuit temperature : 250° (Max 5 s)



1. Conductor:

Compacted Round conductor class 2

2. Insulation:

Extruded inner semi conductive layer, XLPE insulation and  extruded outer semi conductive layer

3. Water proof tape:

Semi-conductive swelling tape

4. Metallic screen layer:

Copper wires with open helix copper tape

5. Water proof tape:

Swelling tape

6. Radial water tightness:

Longitudinal PE coated Aluminum Tape

7. Separation sheath:


8. Armour:

Aluminum wires armouring for single core, Galvanized steel wires armoring for 3 cores

9. Outer sheath:

PE, Black or as per customer requirement

10. Marking:

By Inkjet printing on one line over the outer jacket

9. Packing:

Drums can be wooden or steel


Routine Tests
-Max. DC conductors resistance at 20°C acc. to IEC 60228 & IEC 60502-2 parag. 16.1 & 16.2
-High voltage test acc. to IEC 60502-2 parag. 16.1 & 16.4
-Max. partial discharge test at 1.73 Uo acc. to IEC 60502-2 parag. 16.1 & 16.3

Liban Cables will carry out these tests on all the lengths and tests certificates will be provided 


Sample tests

 -          Check of the build - up and color coding of the cable                                                      

 -          Check of dimensions                                                    

            Insulation          :           according to IEC 60502-2                       Parag.  17.5.2

            Metallic screen  :           according to IEC 60502-2                       Parag.  17.7

            Separation sheath:        according to IEC 60502-2                       Parag.17.5.3

            Armouring:                    according to IEC 60502-2                       Parag.17.7

            Oversheath       :           according to IEC 60502-2                       Parag.  17.5.3

- Hot Set Test for XLPE insulation according to IEC 60502-2 parag. 17.10


These tests will be carried out on one length of each size during each inspection . 

Tests certificates will be provided by Liban Cables                                                                      


Type tests

Mechanical characteristics on insulation and sheaths material (tensile strength and elongation at break) in accordance with IEC 60502-2. 

These tests will be carried out on one length of the order.

Tests certificates will be provided by Liban Cables



Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Nominal insulation thickness
3.4 mm

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Test voltage
21 kV
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um)
6 / 10 (12) kV
50 Hz

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Cable flexibility
Mechanical resistance to impacts



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